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The Frost Free Sewer Cover* can be installed on 1 1/2” , 2”, and 3” pvc vents with the purchase of a bushing that will glue into the collar at the frost free sewer vent. Other applications need to be installed by a licensed plumbing contractor.

Photo of our Frost Free Sewer Cover
frost free
Maintenance Free
Easy to Install

How our cover works

How to order

Measure the existing vent to be sure of the size.

Step 1 - Existing Sewer Vent

Measure the vent protruding through the flashing.

Step 2 - Measure Pipe

Cut off vent at the appropriate mark with a hand saw.

Step 3 - Cut Pipe

Apply primer then glue to the vent and the frost free cover. Place the frost free cover on the vent making sure it is sealed properly.

Step 4 - Fit & Glue

Photo of a standardl sewer vent pipe Photo of measuring the original pipe for fit Photo of cut standard pipe Photo of Frost Free Sewer Cover installed

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